About Us

Bishop Wisdom Shelter Ameku

GOODNEWS FOR THE NATIONS MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL was established in Ghana, West Africa on 7th August 2010 by Rev. Wisdom Shelter Ameku.

We are a non-denominational, non governmental organization established to collaborate with churches to plant and develop churches, minister to the socio-economic needs of the members in Ghana, French speaking West African Countries, Uganda, Kenya Burundi, Rwanda and any other countries the Holy Spirit reveals.

We also engage in:

  • Children Ministries: This includes children we liberated from fetish shrines, poor children and vulnerable ones,
  • Youth Ministries: Targeted at redeeming the youth of today to fulfill their aspirations on earth as God planned it to be
  • Women Ministries: Targeting ladies, teaching them to love their husbands, and helping those living below
    the minimum wage to raise their living standards through various interventions. and 
  • Men's Ministries.
  • Provision of micro credit services
  • Vacation bible school
  • School of ministry
  • Medical Missions
  • Development of schools
  • Multimedia
  • Community development,
  • Orphanages
  • Crusades
  • Leadership conferences
  • Scholarships to needy but brilliant pupils and students
  • Agricultural projects
  • Income generating projects
  • Training of leaders,
  • Vocational training and
  • Feeding the poor in society

Due to the enormity of the scope of our services, we need partners and volunteers in all these areas of our ministry.

Remember the Lord’s exhortation in Matthew 25 that when you assist anyone, it is He you are helping and His recompense is with Him. He will reward you greatly. Let us also challenge ourselves with Psalm 41:1-3

The Ministry In Action

Distribution of 50 wheelchairs to the disabled

Section of participants at a Christmas Convention

Acres of land donated for agricultural purposes

Statement Of Faith: We believe...

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